Electronic documents circulation

Credit Europe Bank realizes new service at the market of factoring* ‘Electronic circulation of documents’.This service is created for Your comfort. You will be able considerably to shorten time on the receipt of monetary resources from Bank, because this service envisages possibility of remote exchange information between Supplier, Customer and Bank, confirmative a delivery fact of delivery commodities delivery (implementations of works, providing ofservices) due to the dedicated system EDISOFT (EDI Connector)**. 

Terms of realization of electronic documents circulation for Clients Credit Europe Bank:
  • Client (Supplier) will realize the right to use electronic circulation of documents by a conclusion with Bank of additional agreement to Agreement of factoring on the use of this service and conclusion with the provider of Bank of Agreement on   the use of platform of electronic transmission of documents;
  • Cost of connecting of electronic circulation of documents depends on the tariff plan of provider working with Bank ***;
  • A client(Supplier) must be related to the Customer (By a debtor) by the system EDISOFT ****;
  • A bank checks by means of the system EDISOFT produced by Client to Customer of shipping of commodity and gets   confirmation about a reception by Customer of commodities. On the basis of the got information Bank translates monetary  resources to Client for supplying with acommodity, with a subsequent grant by Client in Bank of originals of documents  on supplying with commodities;
  • If Client(Supplier) is not connected to the system EDISOFT, his connecting can be carried out by the Bank provider.
* This service does not spread to factoring of rent payments.
** Electronic documents circulation Credit Europe Bank will be realized on the basis of the dedicated system EDISOFT  (EDI Connector), supplied to Bank by the provider of LTD "EDISOFT".
*** The Bank provider tariffs Information you can specify in Management of factoring on verification and control.
**** Not all Debtors are connected to the system EDISOFT. The list of the connected Debtors you can get to know through the factoring management specialists  on verification and control.

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