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Factoring of rental payments

Factoring of rental payments is directed at customers who rent real out estate under terms of monthly receipts of rent payments.

The advantage of this product consists in the possibility of obtaining financing by the Customer / Renter in our bank for future payments under the rental agreement. Factoring of rental payments is possible on the regression basis.

Range of factoring services includes:

  • Financing of rental payments;
  • Accounting of debit indebtedness, rental document processing and regularly providing of reports to the client / renter;
  • Control of timeliness rental payments of the Debtor / Tenant.

This offer is valid when working with various debtors, including: Auchan, Atac, Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, Carousel, Kopeika, METRO, Real Hypermarket, Magnet, Yuterra, OBI, Leroy Merlin, M-Video, MediaMarkt, Castorama, Billa, Biop, Selgros, Giperglobus, Indesit, Wimm Bill Dann, MTS, Detsky Mir.

Conditions of funding:

  • Commission for the accounts receivable administration is not collected by the Bank;
  • The term of decision-making for funding – 5 working days;
  • Client has the right to use the limit of funding by one or more parts.

Scheme of financing:

1)    The signing of rental agreement;

2)    Providing the necessary documents by the Client / Renter to the Bank;

3)    Financing of Customer / Renter ;

4)    100% rental payment by the Tenant / Debtor to the Bank;

5)    Amount exceeding returning of the Customer debt sum in view of retention fees for factoring services, a fixed fee for processing the documents by the Bank and the amount of funding.

Please contact with Factoring Sales Unit to get an information about factoring services:
tel.: +7 (495) 720-66-40.

Call-center: +7 (495) 543-99-77

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