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Audit committee

Audit committee of CREDIT EUROPE BANK is appointed by the Board of Directors. The functions of the Audit committee include rendering of consulting support for the Board of Directors in the following fields:
  • Risk management and internal control system activities of the Bank;
  • Quality and certainty of the financial statements of the Bank;
  • Function and activities of the Internal Audit Department;
  • Cooperation with external auditors executing Bank’s financial statements audit;
  • Abidance of laws and regulations.
The main function of the Audit committee is the assistance in the process of decision making by the Board of Directors. Audit committee supervises the Board of Directors over the above mentioned issues.

Structure of the Audit committee:
  • Mehmet Gülesci  – chairman of the Audit committee;
  • Korkmaz Ilkorur - member of the Audit committee;
  • Wei Man Cheung - member of the Audit committee.