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Key Objectives and Strategies

CREDIT EUROPE BANK aspires to be a leading universal bank in the Russian Federation through sound and diversified balance sheet growth while maximizing value for its all stakeholders. The Bank plans to achieve this strategic goal by 3 main strategy pillars:

  Business strategy
  • Being a leading player in three segments: Corporate, SME and Retail banking, including credit cards,
  • Diversifying asset generation and funding sources to be more immune to local and international political and economic fluctuations, and further increasing the Bank’s focus on local funding
  • Delivering innovative and attractive products and tailor made solutions together with high quality services to the Bank’s customers to address all of their financial needs, and becoming their bank of choice,
  • Capitalizing on its international products, information technology, and banking know-how and adapting it to local needs,
  • Being close to customers through efficient branch and sales point network
  Risk Strategy
  • Implementing proactive and enterprise-wide risk management strategies in order to maintain high asset quality,
  Social Strategy
  • Serving customers in a fair and transparent manner and becoming their partner,
  • Remaining the employer of choice for Russian and international employees by providing them career and development options both locally and abroad,
  • Acting as a responsible member of society and placing adherence to high ethical standards before business targets.
Within this strategic context, CREDIT EUROPE BANK plans to continue to focus on its franchise and value creation while adapting its business strategy to changing market conditions.
The three fundamental components of the Bank’s business model are maintaining asset quality, capital strength, and ample liquidity.