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Advanced repayment

Early repayment
Complete or partial early repayment of a loan is made without commissions and restrictions on the minimal amounts. For early repayment you need ONLY a written request of the Client for the early repayment of the loan on the nearest (from the date on which this request is received) date of the monthly payment according to the payment Schedule.
ATTENTION! Commissions and the moratorium on the full or partial early loan repayment are cancelled, as well as the restrictions on the minimal amount of the partial loan repayment for all types of consumer loans and mortgages. 
Early loan repayment procedure
Step 1. You should address any branch of the Bank on any day, including the date of the monthly payment, on which you plan to make the early repayment. The date of the early repayment can be only one of the dates specified in the payments schedule of the Loan contract; *
Step 2. The branch assistant tells you the amount that should be deposited to the account for the full loan repayment;
If you wish to make a partial early loan repayment, you have to tell the Bank assistant the amount of the partial early loan repayment. After you do that the Bank assistant will inform you on the options of the repayment conditions change.

When you make the partial early loan repayment the change of the repayment conditions is carried out by one of the following options at your choice:
∙ Recalculation of the monthly payment without changing of the loan period
∙ Reducing the loan period without changing the amount of the monthly payment;
Step 3. The Assistant sends you an application for the early loan repayment with the loan data specified in the Application.
Step 4. You sign the application for the early loan repayment after you have checked all the data specified in it. If you intend to deposit cash to your current account the branch Assistant forms a cash receipt note. Please note that on the date of filing in the Application you need to repay the overdue debt in full (as well as to pay all penalties, fines (for the overdue debts on the principal debt and the interest) and the interest on the overdue debt) and to ensure that you have the necessary amount for the full or partial loan repayment on your current account.
Step 5. Funds deposited to the account or transferred via other sources for full or partial loan repayment are written off on the date of the monthly payment in accordance to the payment schedule. At your request the branch Assistant may prepare a certificate of absence of debts under the Loan contract. 
Attention! When you deposit funds to repay the loan consider the amount of the commission that you need to pay. Its amount depends from the point of cash reception – “Elecsnet”, “Platform” and “QIWI” terminals; Russian Post and the Credit Europe Bank branches or an interbank transfer at branches of any bank. If you have any questions you can contact the Client Support Center: 8 (495) 775 775 7 and 8 (800) 700 775 7. Decree from November 1, 2011
On the procedure of early debt repayment on consumer loans and mortgages of the Credit Europe Bank Ltd.

* If the application for early repayment of the loan (the rights to which were purchased by the Bank on the basis of the agreement on the transfer of rights for the mortgage) will be presented by the Client to the Bank on the monthly payment date then the early repayment will be made on the nearest next date of the monthly payment or on the first date of the period set in the loan contract for the payment making.