ATM is one of the most convenient, fast and reliable ways to conduct various financial transactions without visiting the Bank's branches. Credit Europe Bank ATM network has more than 395 devices, many of which operate in 24-hour access mode.

At Credit Europe Bank ATMs you can:

  • Withdraw cash in Russian rubles and US dollars1;
  • Deposit cash in an account in rubles of the Russian Federation2;
  • Pay utility bills, communications, television, the Internet, etc.;
  • Repay the loan in rubles of the Russian Federation;
  • View the balance and print a mini statement of the account3;
  • Change the PIN.
How to deposit cash in an account in Russian rubles4
  1. Insert your card into the ATM reader and then enter the PIN code.
  2. Determine the type of operation: watch
  3. When the bill acceptor opens, put the bills in it in one bundle.
  4. After the checkout process is over, check the amount of funds deposited displayed on the screen and click "Continue".
  5. After confirmation of the amount, the message of the operation completion will appear on the ATM screen.

We draw your attention that the ATM accepts only ruble banknotes and only to be credited to the accounts in the currency of the Russian ruble.

How to pay for utilities, communications, television, the Internet, etc. without commission
To pay for services, follow the simple instructions on the ATM screen:
  1. Insert the card, select the language and enter the PIN code.
  2. In the menu, select "Payment for services".
  3. Select the type of payment:
    • Communal payments;
    • Mobile payments;
    • Internet and TV.
  4. Select the recipient.
  5. Enter the amount of payment (you can enter the amount with copecks). Commission for the operation is not charged.
  6. Choose the account from which the funds will be debited and confirm the payment. Transfer of funds to the accounts of mobile operators occurs instantly5.
  7. Take a check and your card.

The system automatically checks the data you entered. In case of an error when entering, a message with a warning that payment can not be made, will appear on the screen.

5 rules of self-service in an ATM:

The observance of simple safety rules while using the ATM will save you and your capital from intruders. When working with an ATM, please:

  1. Click the ATM keypad with the other hand while typing the PIN.
  2. If you notice foreign objects installed on or near the ATM, do not use such ATM and report it to the Client Support Center of the Bank.
  3. Do not write down the PIN on the card and do not store it with the card.
  4. Do not transfer confidential information to third parties: PIN number, card number, cardholder's name, security code and the validity period of your card.
  5. Remember the number from which SMS messages from the Bank come, and do not react to messages from other numbers.

The safety of your money - in your hands, be vigilant!

1. When withdrawing funds in a currency other than the account currency, there is a conversion at the Bank's internal rate for the date of the transaction.

2. The service is available in the Bank ATMs with the function of cash depositing to the current account opened in the Credit Europe Bank (Russia) Ltd.

3. For the provision of a mini-statement, a fee is charged and determined by the Tariffs for the issue and maintenance of the Credit Europe Bank cards.

4. The service is available in the Bank ATMs with the function of cash depositing to the current account opened in the Credit Europe Bank (Russia) Ltd.

5. The period for crediting a payment to a number of organizations that provide utilities and communication services may be up to 3 (three) business days from the date of the operation.