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Car loan

Credit Europe Bank can offer customers an easy solution – to arrange a cash loan at the rates considerably below the standard on condition the purchased car is insured.

Credit Europe Bank a car loan advantages:

  • Economizing. Even new customers can get the reduced interest rate;
  • The evaluation of the car is free of charge;
  • Motor hull insurance (Full insurance) for a car is not required;
  • The owner of the vehicle continues can use the car without any restrictions and only the vehicle registration certificate is transferred to the Bank. Moreover, the Bank accepts an insured car of any individual, even if it’s your relative, acquaintance or business partner;
  • Flexibility of the loan repayment. The loan can be repaid fully or partially starting from the second installment.

Required documents:

  • Regular passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Driver's license;
  • Proof of income of an individual;
  • Original of the vehicle registration certificate1;
  • Certificate of the state registration of a vehicle;
  • technical inspection pass;
  • In single cases: a copy of the sale contract or the invoice statement2.

Additional documents:

  • Documents characterizing client’s loan history (loan contract, account statements, confirming the repayment of the loan; loan reports of the loan reference bureau);
  • Driving license;
  • Foreign travel passport;
  • Tax registration certificate of the citizen and the certificate of acquisition of tax identification number;
  • Insurance certificate of the State Pension Fund of the Russian Federation;
  • Military ID (only for citizens of the Russian Federation liable for military service)

1 In the case when for the moment of submitting an application for a credit a vehicle certificate is at «Credit Europe Bank Ltd.» and the client didn’t receive the certificate after the full repayment of the car loan, on which the vehicle certificate provided execution of the obligations on the loan, then the original of the vehicle certificate is not requested from the client.

2 Only if the car was bought 6 months ago.