• Issued within 30 minutes!

  • Installment program – 0% of overpayment

  • Seasonal campaigns with cash back

  • Possibility not to pay annual maintenance fee

  • Credit limit up to 500 000 Rub.

Who can get CARD CREDIT Classic:

  • Total employment history – not less than 3 months;
  • Region of registration – registration at the place of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation (or at least 3 months of temporary registration at the city where the Client applies for the Card on the condition that there is permanent registration in the region where there is RepOffice of Credit Europe Bank);
  • Telephone number requirements: 3 different telephone numbers in the region of actual residence of the Client (at place of residence, at place of employment, additional contact number)

Documents needed to get CARD CREDIT Classic:

  • Russian passport for residents
  • if you’d like to apply for the credit limit of more than 350 000 Rub, you will need to provide additional documents to prove your income

Instant CARD CREDIT Classic can be instantly issued in any branch of Credit Europe Bank.

Please pay attention! If you leave the Russian Federation, we strongly recommend you to inform the Bank on the country of destination and duration of your stay no later than 1 calendar day before the departure by means of contacting Call-Center or submitting a written application to a branch of the Bank, otherwise the Bank is entitled to suspend the transactions on your Card.For the resumption of Card transactions while you are abroad, please, contact Call Center of the Bank on the telephone number on the reverse side of your Card.In case of absence of prior notification of the Bank before your trip, processing Card transactions will be resumed within 24 hours from your call.