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Credit Card CARD CREDIT – is your reliable partner, that helps to secure your financial freedom in business or travel trip, you will cope with unexpected costs and manipulate your finance more effectively. With a CARD CREDIT you will be ready for new season!

The main advantages:

  • credit limit from 10 000 to 100 000 rubles (or the equivalent in U.S. dollars) for the card CARD CREDIT Classic, or up to 200 000 rubles (or the equivalent in U.S. dollars) for the card CARD CREDIT Gold;
  • grace period of up to 50 days;
  • opportunity to repay the minimum payment - only 6.5% of the outstanding amount, plus accrued interest and commission;
  • no additional fees charged by the use of credit. 


Instant card CARD CREDIT

  • Issued in 30 minutes at the branch!
  • Issuance of cards in 30 minutes - just one visit to the Bank
  • Call "Buying on the installment plan" - 0% overpayment with partner companies of the Bank
  • Credit limit - up to 200 000
  • Grace period up to 50 days
  • Promotions, discounts and gifts fr om the Bank of partners
  • The service «SMS-service" - immediately inform the operations of the mobile phone
  • Internet banking - the ability to track accounts and transactions remotely

Credit card CARD CREDIT Gold

CARD CREDIT Gold offers a range of special benefits to standard credit card. Loyal program fr om MasterCard and Visa partners provides with sales and gifts for payment in restaurants, beauty salons, fashion boutiques, fitness, hotels and car rent

  • Increased credit limit - up to 500 000
  • Emergency services for holders of premium cards: an urgent re-release, or cash in case of lost card
  • The service «SMS-service" - immediately inform the operations of the mobile phone
  • Internet banking - the ability to track accounts and transactions remotely

Credit card CARD CREDIT Gold MasterCard® PayPass™

  • CARD CREDIT Gold with the one touch pay technology Pay Pass – is a new level of service for very special clients
  • Progressive technology allows to pay goods and services just with one touch in Russia and abroad. PayPass technology is developing rapidly. There is more then 345 000 branches through all over the worls.
  • Chip EMV ® provides a high level of protection against fraud..
  • Special privilege program MasterCard Izbrannoe- is more then 500 exclusive offers fr om the restaurants and hotels, fashion boutiques, spa-salons all around the world.
  • Increased credit limit - up to 500 000
  • Emergency service for premium card holders
  • Sms-service- instant transactions information on your phone
  • Internet-bank - the ability to track accounts and transactions remotely

Benefits of Credit Card
  • Revolving credit line (at least the loan, the limit once again available for use)
  • Accepted for purchases and services in the majority of sales organizations in Russia and abroad
  • Time for loan is unlim ited (the card validity up to 3 years, after the end of the card can be reissued)
  • Flexible interest rate, the possibility of an interest-free payment within the grace period
  • Flexible repayment schedule (the possibility of redemption payments at any time, but no later than the due date of payment)
  • When paying for goods in credit is not necessary to do an initial contribution.
  • Ability to withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Additional services (eg, SMS-service)
  • Convenient repayment
  • Control of funds via electronic statements
  • Discounts and special offers for clients
  • 24/7 service support
  • The possibility of secure online payments due to the protocol 3D Secure

What is the grace period
Use Bank funds with no interest – is simple!

Grace Period (50 days) – this period you can use bank funds free of charge. In fact, you get the opportunity to spend the money of the bank as your own, without any additional costs. In order to avoid paying interest for credit usage you should pay your interest in time (before the payment date) pay the full card debt.

Let`s consider how it works:

August 31 you paid on credit card purchases in the amount of 5000 rubles. September 30th you get from CREDIT EUROPE BANK a credit statement, in which the total debt is 5000 rubles, the minimum payment on the loan - 325 rubles. Loan payment is prior to 20 October (set date of payment).

Options for repayment of the loan:

If before May 10 you are fully repay the debt (5000 rubles), the interest on the loan will not be charged.
If, before the payment dates specified in the statement, you pay only the minimum payment, no interest will be credited the amount owned for the entire period of loan funds.
IMPORTANT! The action of the grace period does not apply to cash transactions to obtain a loan.

How to get a credit card CARD CREDIT
Apply for CARD CREDIT is very simple!
Choose one of the three most convenient option for you:
  • At any branch of Credit Europe Bank 
  • Apply on-line application 
  • To issue an instant credit card 
  • To issue a credit card documentary proof of income is required. 
Who can get a credit card CARD CREDIT:
  • A citizen of the Russian Federation 
  • Maintaining a permanent residence registration in the region, which opened a representative office * 
  • Having a fixed place of work (work experience at the same place - at least 4 months) and the income to service the debt on the loan. 
  • * You can also get a credit card in the presence of a temporary registration card at the place of registration (at least 3 months from the date of submission of the application on the map), in the presence of permanent registration in any of the regions in which the works of CREDIT EUROPE BANK. 
IMPORTANT! After reviewing your application, regardless of the Bank of positive or negative decision, the Bank will send you an SMS message. In the case of a positive decision in the SMS-message will be specified delivery address cards.

How and when to repay the debt
  • You can choose the date of repayment while you filling the application for a card issuance. It may be 15th, 20th, 25th, or 30/31 th every month. The repayment date will also appear in card statement sent to you each month by post or email.
  • You can find hear how to read information in your statement
  • Minimum payment - a sum that is necessary to make each month to repay the debt on the account card.
  • Repay the debt, as you prefer: full or make monthly minimum payment, which amounts to 6.5% of the principal amount, plus interest and fees. Interest accrues only on the purchases they make.
  • Repayment in time allow you to create a positive credit history in our Bank and will allow you, if necessary to increase its lim it on the card. If you do not make the minimum payment on time, your card will be blocked automatically.
For your convenience, CREDIT EUROPE BANK offers several ways to repay debt on a credit card:
  • cash at any branch
  • via cash-in ATMs
  • transfer through the Internet bank current account opened at CREDIT EUROPE BANK
  • terminals in the network instant payment system «QIWI»
  • terminals in the network instant payment system "JCB"
  • terminals in the network instant payment system"Plat-form"
  • in the offices of Russian Post with an electronic money transfer
  • transfer funds from an account opened at another bank
For more information on how debt can be found here.

How do you know the amount of debt and the minimum payment on the loan "SMS-service"
Customer Support Center at (495) 775-775-7 (for calls from Moscow) or 8 (800) 700-775-7 (free calls from other cities of Russia) of the monthly credit card statement
from the mini-statements, which can be requested from the ATM CREDIT EUROPE BANK (the service is paid according to tariff) in any branch of the Bank