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Current accounts

Current account is not only a reliable and convenient solution for funds storing, but is also a possibility to manage funds with the minimum time loss.

Credit Europe Bank offers time-effective opening of current accounts in the following currencies: Russian ruble, US dollar, Euro, pound sterling and Turkish lira. For clients’ convenience the possibility of conversion of funds into another currency is provided. One can replenish their account or withdraw funds from the account in cash as well as via transfers.

At any convenient time, the Bank experts can provide account statements for the required period.

A current account with Credit Europe Bank will allow the customer to do the following:

  • transfer money to other banks in Russia and abroad
  • receive money from a third party
  • pay taxes and customs duties
  • transfer money on deposits
  • convert money in the currency different from the currency of your current account
  • withdraw money from the account
  • transfer money from the account via the Western Union system

The procedure of account opening will take no more than 5 minutes. For account opening it is enough to provide a passport with you.
For non-residents: please confirm if you need to provide a bank with the document regarding right of non-resident for staying (living) in Russia.

Having opened an account at one Bank branch one can conduct operations at any other branch of the Bank, which creates additional value for easier payments and cash management.

Conditions for opening and servicing of current bank accounts, issuing and servicing of pay (debt) cards