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«Growing Income» deposit

This kind of deposit allows to obtain increased interest every 92 days and conserve accrued interest in the case of early termination of the deposit agreement.


  • capitalization of interest;
  • the interest increases every 92 days.
Deposit term, days 368
Currency RUB / USD / EUR
Minimum amount 30 000 RUB / 1 000 USD / 1 000 EUR
Payment of interest At the end of each interest period (every 92 days) by adding to the deposit amount
Appendable None
Opportunity of a partial withdrawal None

You can open deposit:

For opening a deposit the citizens of Russian Federation are to present the passport. Foreign citizens beside of the passport must provide a migration card and (or) a document confirming the right of a foreign citizen to stay (reside) in the Russian Federation.

Draw Your attention that thefollowing offices don't conduct operations with foreign currency in cash: CCO №3 Volgograd, CCO №1 Saratov, CCO №1 Krasnoyarsk, CCO №1 Perm, CCO №2 Omsk, OO Sergiev Posad, ОО Tulskii, CCO №1 Kemerovo, CCO №1 Surgut. Please, contact the other offices.

Deposit conditions

* Opening and servicing of deposit account is executed without commission.

Account statements are provided without commission at the depositor’s request.

  • Possibility of addition to the deposit or partial withdrawal of the deposit is not provided.
  • Payment of interest is carried out at the end of each interest period (every 92 days) by adding to the deposit amount.
  • At early termination of the deposit interest for the unexpired interest period is accrued for the actual number of calendar days from the first day of the period at the rate 0,01% per annum. Interests accrued for the Interest periods expired for the moment of early claim and added to the deposit amount is fully paid.
  • Commission for cash withdrawal from the deposit when paying non-cash funds on deposit and full withdrawal of the deposit amount less than 31 calendar days from the day of payment on deposit is collected according to Tariffs
  • Upon the expiration of the deposit period, if the deposit amount is not claimed by the depositor on the last day of the deposit period, the agreement is regarded to be rescheduled for a new period; the deposit amount is regarded deposit amount with the accrued and added interest for the previous period. Interest on the deposit in the case of its rescheduling for a new period is calculated and paid in accordance with the interest rate for this kind of deposit current at the Bank for the moment of rescheduling of the deposit for a new period.

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