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Property insurance

If you property was damaged due to the flood, fire, explosion, natural disasters, burgling or other unlawful acts of the third parties the insurance company will compensate the losses which appeared due to the occurrence of the insured event.

Accident and sickness insurance

If case of temporary incapacity for work, disability or death of the borrower has occurred due to an accident or a sickness the insurance company will pay a compensation which will allow repay the loan.

Property loss due to the termination of the proprietary rights insurance

In case of the termination of the proprietary rights for the insured property due to the reasons beyond your control the insurance company will pay a compensation which will allow repaying the loan.
For more detailed information please address the manager during the loan formalization procedure.

Dear Sirs or Mesdames! 

If you wish to make the insurance contracts at an insurance company, which is not included into the list of companies meeting the Bank’s requirements, the insurance company chosen by you must address to the Bank and provide the necessary documents package.
After the documents package is provided the Bank will check the pack and make the decision on the company’s meeting or not meeting the requirements of the Bank. The period of the documents package reviewing and making the final decision is 60 days from the moment of acquiring the complete package of documents from the insurance company.
If the company is approved by the Bank, the insurance contract from it can be accepted by the Bank.