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The Internet Bank

Credit Europe Bank gives its customers an excellent opportunity to manage their funds remotely - (24/7) – with no commission. Become our Internet-Bank client and make internal bank transfers in rubles for free!*

Internet-Banking is a system of remote bank services provided via the Internet. You can manage your bank accounts anywhere in the world and from any computer connected to the Internet. Get access to your account via a secure Internet connection so that all the information on the funds in the accounts and the carried out operations were complete safety.
Currently the Internet-Bank interface is presented in Russia (the English language version is to be launched soon), its functional features are identical in both languages. Before you start working select the language in the top menu on the main page of the Internet-Banking.

After Internet-Bank registration you will be able to review:

  • balances of all current accounts;
  • balances of all active cards of the Bank;
  • operations with all current accounts and cards of the Bank;
  • statements on current accounts and active cards;
  • schedule of loan installments & repayment.

After sign up agreement for Internet-Banking services at the Bank’s branch you will be able to perform the following operations:

  • transfer funds between your own accounts;
  • make conversions (buy and sell currency);
  • transfer funds to other Credit Europe Bank clients;
  • make interbank transfers in rubles and foreign currency;
  • repay credit card debt;
  • pay for services;
  • open an account; NEW!
  • transfer funds to your deposit;

For the detailed instructions refering the Internet-Bank service connection and the tariffs please see the below links:

User’s manual / Tariffs / Rules for remote banking servicing of individuals by Credit Europe Bank Ltd.

Dear Client!

  • To make your work with the Internet-Banking safe we recommend you to follow several simple rules:
  • Never give your password, your credit card number or your PIN-code to anybody (PIN-code is only used during the Internet-Banking registration and the Internet-Banking password recovery).
  • Always use the virtual keyboard to enter your password, your PIN-code and answers to the security questions;
  • Never respond to emails that contain requests for your confidential information - passwords, card numbers and PIN-codes. The Bank will never request the information from our clients in this way!