Where can I repay the loan


Fast Payments System (SBP)
No commission
You can make a transfer for the subsequent repayment of the loan in one of two ways:
  1. Using the mobile application of Credit Europe Bank, from your account in another bank.

    For this:

    • At the mobile application of Credit Europe Bank select: Основное меню (Main menu) ⇒ Платежи и переводы (Payments and transfers) ⇒ Пополнение с моего счета в другом банке (Top-up from my account in another bank).
    • The account for crediting funds will be pulled up by default, if you have several current accounts in rubles, then the account can be changed.
    • Select the bank from which you want to write off funds.
    • Next, fill in the amount, confirm the operation in our mobile application, then follow the instructions from the message of your other bank. Make sure that the funds are credited to the account from which the loan is being repaid.

    To replenish the account in the described way, it is necessary that:

    • Your full name and registered phone numbers in our bank and the sending bank must match;
    • The bank from which the funds are debited must offer this service. The current list of banks can be found at the link. If there is a “Top up” icon under the name of the bank, then the service is provided.

    We recommend that you make settings in the mobile bank of another bank that allow debiting in favor of your credit account for Europa Bank, so making the account replenishment to repay the loan will be even faster and more convenient.

  2. Using the mobile application of another bank, from your account or from the account of a third party.

    To receive an incoming transfer through the SBP is necessary:
    • your phone number should be registered at Credit Europe Bank;
    • the bank of payment sender (your bank or bank of another person) should be connected to the SBP, and the possibility of making payments through the SBP should be activated;
    • acceptance of payments via SBP to your account with Credit Europe Bank should be enabled.

You can activate the payments through the SBP in Mobile app (Main menu -> Profile settings). We recommend you to choose Credit Europe Bank as the main bank to receive payments through the SBP.

Make sure that the funds are credited to the account from which the loan is repaid.

The scheduled time to complete a money transfer using the Fast Payment System is 15 seconds.

Credit Europe Bank does not charge a commission, regardless of the amount of the SBP transfers within a month.

The sending bank may set limits on transactions.

Money transfer
Commission: according to the tarriffs of the bank
You can repay the debt at any bank via interbank money transfer. For the transaction you must have a passport and know the account number (found in the contract or monthly card statement) and payment details of Credit Europe Bank:

Payment instructions
INN 7705148464
BIC 044525767
Correspondent account with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Main Branch for the Central Federal District 30101810900000000767

Crediting of funds to the account may takes 3 (three) working days. To avoid potential penalties for late payment, please, make transfers in advance!
Automatic loan repayment (only through the card)
No commission
This is a possibility to regularly repay card debts on the date of payment in the automatic mode by writing off the funds in the minimal payment or full debt amount from your current account opened at Credit Europe Bank.

What is needed to access this service?
You need a credit card or debit card with overdraft of the Credit Europe Bank and the current account.
The current account and the card account to which funds are supposed to be transferred must belong to one currency group (for example, rubles).

How to connect to this service?
To connect to the service you have to fill in an application at one of the Credit Europe Bank branches. IMPORTANT! In case the payment date coincides with the application processing period, then order the will be carried out starting from the next payment date.

How it works?
On the payment date the funds are written off from your current account for the minimal payment or the full debt amount repayment.

In details:
  • If at the time of writing off there are not enough funds on the current account for the repayment of the debt type stated in the application, the system will repeat the procedure of writing off each subsequent date until the full repayment is made.
  • If at the time of writing off there are no funds on the current account, the system will repeat the procedure of writing off each subsequent date until the full repayment of the stated debt type is made.
  • If at the time of writing off there are funds in the amount enough for the stated debt type repayment, the writing off from the current account is not carried out.

What will be written in the statement?
The process of funds receipting into the account under the application for regular transfer will be reflected in the funds transfer statement by application.

In Bank (cash):

Cash-in ATMs of Credit Europe Bank
No commission
To carry out this operation you need a plastic card of Credit Europe Bank.

With the help of the Credit Europe Bank ATMs with the cash-in option you can:
  • Repay any credit card debt: CARD CREDIT, AUCHAN, METRO, IKEA, MEGA
  • Deposit cash to a debit card/card with overdraft account
  • Repay the loan. To do this you need to select the current account number stated in the loan contract when depositing cash.
Funds depositing happens instantly.

  • You can deposit only rubles and only to ruble accounts opened at Credit Europe Bank.
  • You can deposit money by a bundle, but not more than 50 banknotes at a time.
  • Do not use wrinkled or worn out banknotes, banknotes with folded edges (do not fold banknotes double).
  • Do not fold the banknote in half.
  • Do not put a bundle with elastic ribbon or clip on it.
  • Do not put coins into the cash acceptor.
  • The ATM does not give the change.
Credit Europe Bank branches
No commission with the use of a free card issued by the Bank, at ATMs with the function of accepting cash or through the cashier if it is not possible to use a bank card in this particular Bank Unit.

200 rub - when depositing through the cash desk, if it is possible to use a bank card in this particular Bank Unit (operational status of an ATM with cash-in function, the possibility of issuing an instant Cash Card payment card).
No commission - when depositing through the cash desk 70 000 rubles or more at the same time.
Addresses and working hours of the branches you can find here. Choose the branch with retail banking


Elecsnet (Electronic terminals and online-payments)
Commission: 0% - 2% of the transfer amount
The “Elecsnet” network of instant payment terminals consists of more than 4000 terminals in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions. You can find the addresses here.
To make a payment through the terminal you need to know your account number. 

With the Elecsnet instant payment terminals you can deposit funds on any current account opened in Credit Europe Bank for the repayment of loans and credit card debt.
When repaying a loan or a credit card in Eleksnet terminals, the commission is not charged in all the regions except: Moscow, St-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Surgut, Tumen, Ufa, Chelyabinsk. In the terminals of these cities the commission will be charged in the amount of 2% of the transfer amount (not less than 50 rubles), by the main menu (without using the “Note book” service) and in the amount of 1,8% of the transfer amount (not less than 40 rubles), - when using the “Note book” service.

Whan making a payment by bank card on the Eleksnet website (www.elecsnet.ru) the commission is 0.95% of the payment amount, but not less than 50 rubles.

The funds are received on the beneficiary's account imidiately at the day of payment.

If you deposit cash to the “METRO” credit card account through terminals installed at “METRO Cash & Carry” shops in any city the commission is not charged if you use the button "METRO the payments without comission".

Attention! The operation of cash depositing cannot be canceled, the terminal does not give change.
Please keep the receipt until the funds arrive in your account.

For more information, please contact the hotline of Elecsnet: (495) 787-29-64 or visit their website.
Russian Post branches
No commission

The money transfer must be carried out to the federal customer Credit Europe Bank (Russia) Ltd., you need to have the postal transfer form.
Without comission.
The funds are received on the beneficiary's account during 5 working days from the date of the transfer.

Important: when making a transfer, it is necessary to indicate the client's current account number in the Message or transfer identifier column in the postal form: 20 characters (the beginning of the account number is 40817 or 40820), or provide this information to the operator of the post office if the paper form is not filled out.

When carrying out the transfer at the branches of the Russian Post the identification document is required.

You can find the nearest branch of the Russian Post here.

To avoid delays we recommend you to make the postal transfers in advance.