Factoring with regression

Unsecured funding for supplies of goods and management of accounts receivable!

Currently we work with more than 60 debtors, including large retailers like Auchan Group, METRO Group, X5 Retail Group, Magnit and other.

Range of factoring services includes:

  • Financing of goods supplying;
  • Accounting of debit indebtedness, document of supply processing and regularly providing of reports to the client;
  • Control of timeliness payments of the Debtor for the supplying.

Conditions of funding:

  • Commission for the administration of accounts receivable is not collected by the Bank;
  • The term of decision-making for funding – 5 working days;
  • Client has the right to use the limit of funding by one or more parts.

Additional services of the Bank, provided to the client during working with Debtor:

  • Controlling the receipt of funds from the debtor;
  • Client information of overdue payments or refusing to pay by debtors;
  • Accounting paid requirements for shipping goods (services);
  • Providing reports of the accounts receivable movement for the client.

Scheme of financing:

1)    The supply agreement signing; (  -------//-------)

2)    Providing the necessary documents by the Client to the Bank; (ceding claim rights)

3)    Financing of Client / Supplier; (financing of the supplier)

4)    Returning of the amount exceeding the sum of the Customer debt in view of retention fees for factoring services, a fixed fee for processing the documents by the Bank and the amount of funding. (Returning of the amount exceeding the sum of debt of the Customer, which ceding claim rights);

5)    100% payment by the Client / Debtor to the Bank; (100% payment by the Client / Debtor to the Bank).

Please contact with Factoring Sales Unit to get an information about factoring services:
tel.: +7 (495) 720-66-40.

Call-center: +7 (495) 543-99-77

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