Debit card CARD PLUS

Debit card CARD PLUS

CARD PLUS is a universal payment card with a number of advantageous benefits that significantly distinguish it among other cards.

Instant payment card with agreed overdraft CARD CREDIT PLUS

Your card for shopping and entertainment!

Instant payment card with agreed overdraft URBAN CARD

Debit cards CASH CARD

Credit Europe Bank offers you to open a CASH CARD and start manage your time and money in a very efficient way. The card will be as a subsidiary to one or more accounts, so to pay it in the stores, the Internet in Russia, with no concern for the safety of your funds. You can also get free instant payment card at any of the offices of Credit Europe Bank and start using the Internet Bank today.

Debit card CASH CARD

With the CASH CARD, you can get the opportunity to receive budget payments to the card, make money transfers and other operations in Mobile Banking, as well as participate in the Loyalty Program for Mir cardholders, which guarantees you access to discounts and special offers throughout the Russian Federation.
You can get a free instant payment card CASH CARD at any of Credit Europe Bank’s branches.