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Debit card CARD PLUS

CARD PLUS is a universal payment card with a number of advantageous benefits that significantly distinguish it among other cards.


Debit cards CASH CARD

Credit Europe Bank offers you to open a CASH CARD and start manage your time and money in a very efficient way. The card will be as a subsidiary to one or more accounts, so to pay it in the stores, the Internet in Russia and abroad, with no concern for the safety of your funds. You can also get free instant payment card at any of the offices of Credit Europe Bank and start using the Internet Bank today.

Payment card with overdraft Auchan

Credit Europe Bank and the world-famous hypermarket chain Auchan offer a debit card with overdraft Auchan, which allows you to make purchases not only in the trade network Auchan, but also in other stores around the world.

  • credit limit of up to 200 000 rubles
  • grace period 50 days
  • opportunity to make purchases not only in the Auchan Hypermarkets, but also in other stores around the world

Credit Card METRO

With a credit card METRO you no longer need to pre-calculate the value of purchases in the cart, or to postpone the purchase of goods until the next time.

  • immediate registration of over 30 minutes in the mall "METRO Cash & Carry" 
  • credit limit of up to 100 000 
  • grace period of up to 40 days 
  • service "Buying on the installment plan"

Payment card with overdraft MEGACARD

Credit Europe Bank believes that shoppers need to be awarded!
Payment card with overdraft MEGACARD is a specially designed card for shoppers. It allows you to spend as much as you want, and to get gifts, discounts, bonuses and much more.  

  • grace period 50 days
  • Instant registration card within 30 minutes 
  • opportunity to earn bonus balls and spend on what you like in retail outlets companies - participants of the program
  • participation in activities with the opportunity to earn bonus points and win gifts, coupons, and more.

Financial Card IKEA FAMILY

Financial IKEA FAMILY card will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of membership in the club IKEA FAMILY and doing all kinds of purchases on credit in IKEA stores in Russia.    

  • grace period (without interest charges) - up to 50 days;
  • control your spending - a free service «SMS-notification"; 
  • individual credit limit of 8000 rubles; 
  • ease of repayment; 
  • benefits of the club IKEA FAMILY

Payment card with overdraft Ferrari

Ferrari Card is not only a convenient means of payment. But it is a pass to the world of the legendary brand “Ferrari”:

  • Free access to the worldwide community of Scuderia Ferrari
  • 15% discount in the online Ferrari store
  • www.store.ferrari.com; - exclusive news from the world of Ferrari.

Virtual card

The Virtual card is specially created for making secure purchases online and doesn’t have physical material.