Legal entities crediting

Legal entities crediting is a service, which the bank gives a loan to organization on a certain term, under a certain percent for the money use. .

Our advantages:

  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Guaranteed confidentiality;
  • Support  of a credit manager in preparing all documents for the credit;
  • Flexible interest rates;
  • Credit processing is possible on a physical person - the founder of the business;
  • Possibility of postponement of principal repayment;
  • Possibility of developing an individual schedule for the loan repayment;
  • Minimum documents;
  • Possibility of the advanced repayment.


  • Real estate;
  • Vehicles;
  • Equipment;
  • Surety of business owners;
  • Surety of other companies;
  • Surety of Small Business Credit Assistance Fund of Moscow;
  • Collateral from 3d persons;
  • Possibility of mortgage from the third persons.

The Forms of credit:

  • Revolving credit line;
  • Non-revolving credit line;
  • One-time delivery.                                

The credit amount:
up to 200 000 000 rubles (USD or EURO equivalent).

legal entity, individual entrepreneur or physical person - the business founder.

Schedules of credit repayment:

Seasonal schedule, the schedule on a quarterly basis, an individual schedule.

Possibility of pre-term repayment of credit.

Term of decision-making:
during 7 working days if all the necessary documents are provided by the client.

«Credit Europe Bank» Ltd. is a member of Small Business Credit Assistance Fund of Moscow.
If you haven’t enough collateral for the credit, you can try getting Fund’s surety.

Call us by the telephone number +7 (495) 543-99-77, and a qualified specialist will answer for your questions.

Fill up and send to us the application form and a credit specialist will contact with you during 1 hour to start the execution of documents for the credit.