Special factoring promotions

Unique offer of Factoring!

You provide only 2 documents, and we make a decision about financing during 2 days!

Necessary documents:

Balance Sheet (Form № 1) and the Profit and Loss Statement (Form № 2) for the last complete year and for the last reporting quarter.

The bank produces factoring to its clients.

You will be able to increase the volumes of financing together with the height of your business.

Factoring is one of the most effective methods of management by the floating capital of company. As a result,he allows to the company to obtain the considerable height  of sales due to the grant of commodity credits to the  customers and clearly observe the chart of payments on the  obligations. And in default of the mortgage providing  factoring is, in fact, by the only source of bringing in offloating capital for a company.

Factoring is optimal suggestion at the market offinancial services. Individual approach, minimum terms of  processing of documents, comfort of daily service, is thoseadvantages that is used by our clients.

This offer is actual during working with the following debtors:

Auchan, Atac,
Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, Kopeika
METRO, Real Hypermarket
Leroy Merlin
Wimm Bill Dann

We will be glad to answer all your questions.
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