Special on a salary project

MasterCard Business is the program of specials for Your business, that will allow to you perceptibly to save on office charges.

Shorten expenses on maintenance of corporate autopark, mobile communication, courier's services, furniture for anoffice, get a   discount on insurance and educating ofemployees, software and other great deal.

Conclude a Treaty with Bank within the framework of the salary program on the base of maps of the payment system MasterCard® or Maestro and connected to the program MasterCard Business bonus. Also you can use suggestions of program partners, if more than 75% Your employees already get a salary on the maps of MasterCard or Maestro.

How to use suggestions of the program MasterCard Business-bonus?

To participant the MasterCard Business-bonus program easily.

If Your employees do not have MasterCard or Maestro salary cards:
  • Appeal to the Credit Europe Bank  salary programs department;
  • Conclude a salary program treaty with the  Bank;
  • Get the participant certificate of the MasterCard Business-bonus program  with an unique number.
If minimum 75% of Yours employees already have MasterCard or Maestro salary maps:
  • Appeal to Your Bank manager;
  • Get the participant certificate of the MasterCard Business-bonus  program with an unique number.
You can receive more detailed information by phone 8-800-700-02-15 or on a site www.mastercard.ru