CREDIT EUROPE BANK offers credit products in rubles and foreign currencies for the following purposes:

  • Working capital financing.
  • Purchasing of real estate and movable property, intangible assets.
  • Expansion and consolidation of business.
  • Other purposes not contradicting the applicable law.
CREDIT EUROPE BANK may provide credits for legal entities that corresponds the following requirements:

1. Business exists for more than 1 year.

2. Positive credit history or absence of credit history.

3. Stable financial condition.

4. Comparability of required credit product to company’s business.

5. Absence of overdue debt.

6. Readiness of company’s management to provide the Bank with required financial information.

Interest rate is defined by the Bank individually. It depends on the state of markets, individual conditions of lending and the solvency of the Borrower.

We can accept as collateral:

  • Mortgage, security of fixed assets, stock-in-trade, rights of ownership.
  • Pledge of securities of Russian and foreign emitters.
  • Guarantees of banks or solvent enterprises.
  • Debt instruments of contracting parties of the borrower and other assets.
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