Trade Finance

We offer tailor made financing solutions for the companies involved in international trade. Our main focus is to structure international trade finance deals according to the financing needs of our clients.

Our presence in key trading hubs such as the Netherlands, China (Shanghai), Dubai, Switzerland and the United States as well as our presence in raw material exporting geographies such as the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, means we are in an excellent position to finance any step, or the entire process, of your transaction flows across the globe.

Letters of Guarantee

We can issue different type of bank guarantees within the credit limit set for our clients:

  • Advance payment guarantee – guarantee which can be provided to customers of a client and secures return of advance payment.
  • Customs guarantee – guarantee which secures customs fees and taxes payment and performance of other obligations of a client.
  • Tender guarantee – guarantee which secures performance of tender participants’ obligations.
  • Performance bond – guarantee which secures proper contract conditions fulfillment.
  • Touristic guarantee – guarantee which can be provided to tourism companies and secures recovery of damages that can occur in case of improper obligations performance.
  • Other types of guarantees on your demand.

CJSC «CREDIT EUROPE BANK» informs that persons, interested in verification of issued bank guarantee, can contact directly the Bank at the address: Russia, 129090, Moscow, Olimpiyskiy prospect, building 14, or by phone: (495) 725 40 40, (495) 981 38 00, (495) 720 66 40, or at the following e-mail addresses specified in the Bank's official website:,

Letters of Credit

We can issue import letters of credit to the suppliers of our clients on the basis of a credit relationship. Our clients can secure a pre-agreed price for the merchandise with an internationally acceptance payment method. We can also issue export letters of credit which are highly secure instruments to guarantee sales proceeds in international trade. Stand-by Letters of Credit will serve as a secondary guarantee for a certain transaction under bank’s full coverage on the basis of a credit relationship.

Documentary Collections

Some international trade transactions involve documentary collection as payment condition. We can provide services both as remitting bank and collecting bank.

We can also provide our clients with different types of financing: post import financing, pre export financing, warehouse and distribution financing and others.

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