Automatic repayment of debt

What is it?
This is a possibility to regularly repay card debts on the date of payment in the automatic mode by writing off the funds in the minimal payment or full debt amount fr om your current account opened at «Credit Europe Bank (Russia) Ltd.»

What is needed to access this service?
One of the following cards:
  • CARD CREDIT credit card
  • METRO credit card
  • IKEA VISA Classic credit card
  • AUCHAN VISA Classic credit card
  • Pay cards with agreed overdraft
    and the active current account.
The current account and the card account to which funds are supposed to be transferred must belong to one currency group (for example, rubles).
How to connect to this service?
To connect to the service you have to fill in an application at one of the «Credit Europe Bank (Russia) Ltd.» branches.

IMPORTANT! In case the payment date coincides with the application processing period, then order the will be carried out starting from the next payment date. 

How it works?
On the payment date the funds are written off from your current account for the minimal payment or the full debt amount repayment.
In details:
  • If at the time of writing off there are not enough funds on the current account for the repayment of the debt type stated in the application, the system will repeat the procedure of writing off each subsequent date until the full repayment is made. 
  • If at the time of writing off there are no funds on the current account, the system will repeat the procedure of writing off each subsequent date until the full repayment of the stated debt type is made. 
  • If at the time of writing off there are funds in the amount enough for the stated debt type repayment, the writing off from the current account is not carried out.
What will be written in the statement?
The process of funds receipting into the account under the application for regular transfer will be reflected in the funds transfer statement by application.

Terms and definitions

Payment date
  • For Payment cards with agreed overdraft - the last day of pay period, not later than which the Client provides the funds depositing to the Account in the amount of the Debt;
  • For Credit cards - the 20th day after the date of the statement formation, not later than which the customer provides the funds depositing to the Account in an amount not less than the minimum payment specified in the Statement, unless otherwise stated by the Tariffs. In case of overdue payment of money before the due payment Date the Bank charges the Penalty and Increased interest in accordance to the Tariffs and applicable Rules.
  • Debt - the amount of principal debt incurred as a result of spending transactions with the card plus the amount of accrued interest, commissions, penalties and other fees, charged by the Bank in accordance with the Tariffs.
  • Current account - a bank account opened for a natural person at the Bank to carry out payment transactions not related to business or private practice.

Debt type is selected in the Application:

  • The full amount of the debt
  • Minimal payment

Credit card - a card, issued by the Bank as a means of making pay and other documents, payable by the loan provided by the Bank to the Client.

Minimal payment (only for Credit cards) – a compulsory monthly payment carried out to repay the loan debt. Minimal payment includes:

  • Penalties, amounts of overdrafts, commissions set by the Tariffs and charged by the Bank, the amount of accrued interest and increased interest for the loan usage;
  • Part of the principal debt set by the Tariffs, part of the monthly payment for the "Buying by installments" transaction set by the Tariffs;

The minimal payment is calculated and set for each statement formation Date and is stated in the Statement.

Payment card with agreed overdraft – a card, the spending transactions with which are made by the Client in the lim its of his own funds balance on the Account. Client may use the Loan in the form of the agreed overdraft if there is a lack of his own funds on the Account.