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Credit Card METRO

Instant Credit Card METRO

Good news for all METRO Cash & Carry customers! Now you can shop more convenient, profitable and faster!

We are glad to present you METRO card - credit card accepted in shopping centers METRO Cash & Carry!

With instant METRO card you no longer need to pre-calculate the cost of your shops or to postpone the purchase of necessary goods for the next time. Also, you can more efficiently plan their spending and use the interest-free loan of up to 40 days!

The card is issued on the spot for 30 minutes!


  • Credit limit up to 100,000 rubles. Grace period of up to 40 days!
  • Repayment minimum monthly payments.
  • The annual service cards only 200 rubles


  • No need to remove from circulation your cash.
  • No need to pre-calculate the cost of shopps
  • No need to carry a large amount of cash.
  • You can use your own money for other purposes.

"Purchase by installments" on the map METRO - is a unique opportunity to pay a large buy parts!

Pay just a card;

  • Choose a term installments at the cash registers;
  • return the purchase price to the Bank equal monthly installments;
  • for purchases bought on credit, a preferential interest rate *

* According to current tariffs


Fill out the application on the stand CREDIT EUROPE BANK METRO Cash & Carry. Present your passport and customer METRO card. The decision will be issued in 30 minutes. Get a card and pay for goods on credit at the checkout.


  • The card holder customer METRO Cash & Carry;
  • A citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • having a fixed place of work.

Repayment of the loan each month the bank sends a statement to the map by e-mail. It is specified details of all transactions performed by using the card in a calendar month, as well as the amount of debt and the amount of the minimum payment on the loan. Prior to the payment date (the 10th day of each month) should be made to your account funds. More

Fees for issuing and servicing credit cards METRO Cash & Carry