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Debit card CARD PLUS

CARD PLUS is a universal payment card with a number of advantageous benefits that significantly distinguish it among other cards. It is a great tool to receive additional income and bonuses while daily settlement operations.

CARD PLUS has the following special features:

CARD PLUS works for you!

Would you like to get more income while your regular payments?

There are 3 simple steps for that:

1. Instantly issue your card in the branch of Credit Europe Bank.


Fund your account via ATM or transfer your salary to card account from another bank.

3. Pay by the card CARD PLUS and earn extra income!

Clients are welcome to issue the card instantly in the following branches.
  • «Altufievo» (Moscow)
  • «Babushkinskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Belorusskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Belyaevo» (Moscow)
  • «Bratislavskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Dmitrovskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Krasnye Vorota» (Moscow)
  • «Kuzminki» (Moscow)
  • «Leninskii prospekt» (Moscow)
  • «Mitinskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Novokosino» (Moscow)
  • «Olimpiiskii prospekt» (Moscow)
  • «Paveletskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Prazhskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Proletarskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Semenovskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Smolenskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Tverskoe» (Moscow)
  • «Evropeiskii» (Moscow)
  • «Frunzenskoe» (Moscow)
  • Marfino
  • Sergiev Posad
  • Podolsk
  • CCO №3 St. Petersburg
  • CCO №5 St. Petersburg
  • CCO №10 St. Petersburg
  • CCO №12 St. Petersburg
  • CCO №13 St. Petersburg
  • OO №1 Voronezh
  • CCO №3 Volgograd
  • CCO №1 Ekaterinburg
  • CCO №3 Ekaterinburg
  • CCO Kazan
  • CCO №2 Kazan
  • CCO №1 Kemerovo
  • CCO №1 Krasnodar
  • CCO №1 Krasnoyarsk
  • CCO №1 Naberezhnye Chelny
  • CCO №3 Nizhny Novgorod
  • CCO №5 Novosibirsk
  • CCO №6 Novosibirsk
  • CCO №2 Omsk
  • CCO №1 Perm
  • CCO №1 Rostov-on-Don
  • CCO №2 Rostov-on-Don
  • CCO №3 Rostov-on-Don
  • CCO №5 Samara
  • CCO №1 Saratov
  • CCO №1 Surgut
  • OO Tulskii
  • CCO №1 Tyumen
  • CCO Ufa
  • CCO №4 Ufa
  • CCO №2 Chelyabinsk
  • OO Yaroslavskii

Funds placed on the current account of the card insured by state Deposit Insurance Agency.

The list of categories of merchants and the amount of the cash back are set by the Rules of the program " Cash back for purchases on MasterCard World " for individuals – holders of debit cards PLUS CARD, issued by "Credit Europe Bank Lts.", published on the official website www.crediteurope.ru and may be changed by the Bank unilaterally.

The interest rate is valid on 01.04.2019. Annual interest rate equals to the basic level of deposit profitability, defined by Central Bank of Russia for the relevant month for on-demand accounts, within which the contract date or the end date of the previous interest period falls, minus 0.5 percentage points. Interest period equals to 30 calendar days and is counted from the date following the date of contract date. Interest calculation is assessed daily on the actual balance of funds in rubles (from RUB10 000 inclusive) on the current account of the customer. If the amount of funds on the account is less than RUB10,000, the interest rate is zero. Interest is paid on the end date of each interest period. If the date falls on weekends or holidays, the payment of interest is postponed to the next working day. Next interest period is calculated from the day following the day of interest payment.

No annual fee first year, for second and following years annual fee is RUB 499 a year.

Free withdrawals up to 5 000 RUB during a calendar month in any ATM all over the world. For amount more than RUB5000 during a calendar month fee is 0.5%. In Credit Europe Bank ATMs no fee.

For access to the transactions in the Internet-bank, it is necessary to conclude the remote banking agreement in any branch of "Credit Europe Bank Ltd".