Debit card CASH CARD

Specially for its customers Credit Europe Bank developed a universal tool that will significantly save your time and money, also to use modern banking technologies in daily lives without any effort.

Debit Card CASH CARD - allows:
  • immediate registration;
  • issue and annual maintenance for free;
  • bank accounts in Russian rubles;
  • free access to the services of the Internet-Bank;
  • free SMS-service information;
  • free completion of the current accounts (with debt repayment of loans) through ATMs of the Bank with the function of receiving cash (Cash-in);
  • the possibility of non-cash payments in trade organizations and the Internet, as well as cash withdrawals;
  • money transfer service (internal / inter-bank);
  • opportunity to make money transfers through Western Union Bank ATMs; 24/7 control of the accounts
  • the possibility of secure online payments due to the protocol 3D Secure.
To issue the card one needs to:
  • apply to any branch of Credit Europe Bank;
  • provide a Russian passport for residents (National passport, migration card and visa for non-residents);
Who can get a debit card CASH CARD:
  • Residents and non-residents.
Activation of the payment card CASH CARD, getting the PIN:

Procedures for the activation maps and the formation of a PIN held
  • at the branch, you must have the card and identity documents with you;
  • by phone call to Credit Europe Bank’s Customer Service: 8 (495) 775 775 7 (for Moscow and Moscow region) and 8 (800) 700 775 7 (for the regions, toll-free)
Ways to fund the payment card CASH CARD:
  • at ATMs of the Bank with the function of receiving cash;
  • in the Internet banking system;
  • in the offices of Credit Europe Bank by making cash from the cashier of the Bank or by bank transfer; in the electronic terminal networks;
  • Post offices in Russia by means of electronic money transfers;
  • from other banks through the interbank funds transfer to your current account at Credit Europe Bank.
  • Please refer to the Fees for the provision and maintenance of the payment card CASH CARD.