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Debit card CASH CARD

Specially for its customers Credit Europe Bank developed a universal tool that will significantly save your time and money, also to use modern banking technologies in daily lives without any effort.

Debit Card CASH CARD - allows:
  • immediate registration;
  • issue and annual maintenance for free;
  • bank accounts in Russian rubles;
  • free access to the services of the Internet-Bank;
  • free SMS-service information;
  • free completion of the current accounts (with debt repayment of loans) through ATMs of the Bank with the function of receiving cash (Cash-in);
  • the possibility of non-cash payments in trade organizations and the Internet, as well as cash withdrawals;
  • money transfer service (internal / inter-bank);
  • opportunity to make money transfers through Western Union Bank ATMs; 24/7 control of the accounts
  • the possibility of secure online payments due to the protocol 3D Secure.
To issue the card one needs to:
  • apply to any branch of Credit Europe Bank;
  • provide a Russian passport for residents (National passport, migration card and visa for non-residents);
Who can get a debit card CASH CARD:
  • Residents and non-residents.
Activation of the payment card CASH CARD, getting the PIN:

Procedures for the activation maps and the formation of a PIN held
  • the branch when you make a payment card CASH CARD;
  • use the Center for Customer Support Credit Europe Bank by phone: 8 (495) 775 775 7 (for Moscow and Moscow region) and 8 (800) 700 775 7 (for the regions, toll-free)
Ways to fund the payment card CASH CARD:
  • at ATMs of the Bank with the function of receiving cash;
  • in the Internet banking system;
  • in the offices of Credit Europe Bank by making cash from the cashier of the Bank or by bank transfer; in the electronic terminal networks, «JCB», «QIWI», «Plat-form»;
  • Post offices in Russia by means of electronic money transfers;
  • from other banks through the interbank funds transfer to your current account at Credit Europe Bank.
  • Please refer to the Fees for the provision and maintenance of the payment card CASH CARD.

Please pay attention!
If you leave the Russian Federation, we strongly recommend you to inform the Bank on the country of destination and duration of your stay no later than 1 calendar day before the departure by means of contacting Call-Center or submitting a written application to a branch of the Bank, otherwise the Bank is entitled to suspend the transactions on your Card.
For the resumption of Card transactions while you are abroad please contact Call Center of the Bank on the telephone number on the reverse side of your Card.
In case of absence of prior notification of the Bank before your trip, processing Card transactions will be resumed within 24 hours from your call.