Virtual card

The Virtual card specially created for making secure purchases online and doesn’t have physical material.

  • The Virtual card is issued for free in Internet-banking system by Client as supplementary card linked to primary banking card. Issuing the virtual card yourself you will no longer worry that requisites of your primary card will be known by others because you will not have to use them to make the purchases on the Internet. Now you have virtual card to do this!
  • You can set the daily limit of virtual card for certain purchase or set any amount which should not exceed available limit of your primary card. If you didn’t spend all amount of daily limit, it is automatically reset to zero at the end of the day for the security purposes. If you want to buy the air ticket or book a hotel room via Internet and it is very expensive - you can use your virtual card too.
  • SMS informing service for virtual card is free until expiry date of virtual card under condition if sms informing service plugged to primary card

You can issue the virtual card if:

  1. You are a cardholder of one of the primary card
  2. You have signed the Remote banking agreement
  3. You have read the tariffs of virtual card operations

How to issue the virtual card and how to use it, is described in internet banking user’s guide